Tuesday, November 8, 2016

A 'Grand Lunch' with a Couple of Real Pals

That's me, Robin (middle) and Caroline.
Had a lovely lunch today, one that crackled with interesting, intelligent, entertaining conversation and so much warmth that I nearly had to take off my shirt.

I was with the fabulous Caroline Hammond (my sometimes-grandgirl, Sarabeth's, mom) and her best bud Robin Miles, whom I have adored for years.

Caroline has her own wedding and party business--one of the most successful in the region--and Robin is a Lowe's executive. They are both on top of the current political climate (and in general agreement with me), so we thought an election day lunch would be beyond cool. And it was. We ate at Carrabbas and lunch lasted nearly two hours.

If nothing else good happens today--and I suspect it will--the three of us at least had our grand lunch.

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