Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Fine Time in Hokieville

Susan shows off her alma-mater shirt.
Susan and me outside Cassell Coliseum.
My friend Susan and I drove--slowly because of absurd traffic--to Blacksburg this afternoon to see Virginia Tech's undefeated women's basketball team play nationally-ranked (and pretty much legendary) Tennessee because we thought it would be a great time. It was, from every angle.

Susan's action shot (from the stands).
Susan is a Tech grad and her team won (while my Lady Vols played entertaining basketball) and we were in a boisterous crowd intent on enjoying itself. I think we all did. Tech's is a good basketball team full of color, adventure, attitude and effort that will take it far. It is led by a waterbug guard named Chanette Hicks from Charlotte and three international players (Samantha Hill from Canada, Regan Magarity from Sweden and and Vanessa Panousis from Australia). Hicks is an indomitable spirit, worth the price of admission by herself.

I fully expected to see Tech equit itself well, then face in the second half. It was up by nine in the first half, trailed briefly in the second, but for the most part was in control throughout because the Hokies play good basketball, team basketball, fully entertaining basketball. I strongly suggest you see a game soon. The crowd was about half a house and my guess is that as the season progresses, tickets will be harder to come by.

On the way home, we stopped Mountain View Restaurant in Ironto, the place with the great pizza. We had a Stromboli and a Calzone and they lived up to the restaurant's reputation. Yum.

Here's some of what the day looked like.
Susan shot this of me.
The house was about a third full (3,100 people). I expect crowds will be larger shortly. The basketball is entertaining.
Food for hungry people at Mountain View.

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