Friday, November 11, 2016

A Day When Gratitude Helps

Gratitude for the small things (my friend Susan shot this).
I'm in almost desperate need of a little gratitude today, so here goes:

I am grateful that I have a wonderful family and friends who don't hesitate to encourage, hug, offer a hand, go for a hike or a paddle or a movie or a ballgame, or a jazz night, or a reading. (Thank you immediate family, Margie, Susan, Roland, Caroline, Kurt N., Keith, Pete, Christina--ex-wives count--and a ton of others.)

I am grateful to have young people around for the hope, encouragement and positive conviction they share. (Thank you Sarabelle and Madeline and treasured others).

I am grateful for my health. (Thank you Dr. Renee Bierne and Nancy Agee, real heroes to me.)

I am grateful for Social Security and Medicare, which is making my current lifestyle (modest, but plenty for me) possible.

I am grateful that some editors still value my work and still hire me to write fascinating stories involving fascinating people.

I am grateful that when I tackle my memoir update (Burning the Furniture, Too), I will have interesting additions. (Problem with any memoir is that you're not dead when you finish it and you still have to try to live interestingly.)

I am grateful for the people who have rallied around my grandgirl, my favorite person on earth, to help form her into a woman we can all be proud of (today's contribution is from Dina Bennett of Mountain Shepherd Survival School, whose importance in the formation of young girls is ever more crucial today than at any time in the past. Dina is a hero).

I am grateful for being able to learn daily, being able to listen, being able to apologize when I am wrong (that muscle is very healthy), being able to love without expectation, being able to hold my end of a conversation, being able to demonstrate compassion, being able to fight injustice.

Oh, that feels better.

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