Sunday, November 27, 2016

A Day of Getting To Know Each Other ... Again

Photogirl at work.
My best girl and I took a little time off for ourselves over the weekend, as she and my son's family were here from their new home in Memphis for the holiday weekend. Maddie and I decided to walk Roaring Run, a scene of an earlier adventure (one where we were attacked by bees).

It also gave us time by ourselves to rediscover the magic that is there for the two of us, and has been all along. This little girl, who now 11 and might object to that description, is now 5'2" tall and about as big around as a stick. She's all personality, all smile, all dimples and an incredible joy to be around.

We, of course, took some photos and Maddie is getting better with the camera--yes, a real camera, not a phone--each time I see her. I fully expect she'll be quite accomplished in short order. Here's some of what we shot. At the top is one of my favorite portraits of her, taken at the waterfall at Roaring Run.

Me crossing Roaring Run.
Looking grown up.
On a big rock at a lower waterfall.
On top of the waterfall, leaving a sign she was there.
Sampling the fresh water.
Maddie at the furnace.
We like each other.
Maddie crossing the creek.

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