Thursday, October 13, 2016

Things Observed in the Park Today

The Civitan Club's playground is now a memory.
The colorful slides are ripped up.
A walk in the park today resulted in some raised eyebrows. I was walking through the Riverside Park area (Wasena Park, Smith Park, etc.) when I happened upon the smashed remains of the Civitan Club's children's playground in Smith Park along the Roanoke River.

My kids and grandkids have both played there and it was a sad discovery. My guess is that something equally popular will rise in this space soon. I certainly hope so.

Dinner? You bet your butt.
On a better note, I happened into a couple of old men doing what old men do in a park with a river: reading and fishing, both successfully.

A couple of fishermen were celebrating the catch of pan-sized (about 10-12 inches) rainbow trout, just stocked and truly lovely animals. I've never cared much for fishing stocked streams because, frankly, stocked trout are about as smart as seventh-grade boys. Truly easy to catch with a little corn.

These old boys, though, were using expensive fly fishing gear and the bigger of the two said he only had "to catch one more for a mess of them for dinner." Not sure I would eat anything out of the Roanoke River, but he didn't seem to have any compunction about. "I catch it, I eat it," seemed to be his motto. Wonder if "I clean it" fits in there anywhere.
Old boys doing what old boys do.
Catching dinner in the middle of the city is a rare luxury.

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  1. Oh, Dan...I so appreciate you calling attention to the smashed remains of the children's playground at Smith Park, designed for handicapped children. Erected in 1994, as we all age, so did the playground. Roanoke Parks and Recreation contacted me when I was President of the Civitan Club of Roanoke stating that it had to be replaced and they were so glad that Civitan didn't want to lose its presence at the playground. The GREAT NEWS is that...a new playground will be set in place for the ribbon cutting on Thursday, October 27th at 1:00 p.m. This playground is ALSO designed for the handicapped children..or anyone who loves to sit in the swings! Please send me your mailing information as I would love to send you an invitation and for you to be present when the mayor cuts the ribbon. We will have some children there, also, to "try it out"! Nancy Larsen, Area 6 Director.