Monday, October 3, 2016

Spiffy New Look Out Back

Rigo and a crew member tackle my utility building (rust to red roof).
The finished utility building.
My buddy Rigo Gomez (540-397-7599) and his painting crew have just finished their second assignment at my house in about six months. In the spring, they painted the exterior of the house and today, they finished the deck and the ramshackle utility building, which I was considering tearing down.

In the interim, my friend Roni Sutton and her husband repaired and painted my concrete front and side porches, doing quite a nice job.

You will note that the utility building is now the star of the back yard with its red roof, which was a solid sheet of rust when Rigo began. A hard pressure wash and a coat of primer got it ready for its nice new sheen, which I truly like.

The deck, likewise, was in need of a buff-up. This is the third time I've had the deck stained in the less-than-five years I've lived here, but it's the first time Rigo has stained it. My guess is that the stain will last longer this time.

Before he left for the day, I had Rigo estimate the main floor of the house and my guess is that I'll find the estimate as reasonable as I've found everything else he has done. I like his prices and love his work. Can't ask for much more than that, except that he is a truly agreeable man. I recommend him. Strongly.
One of Rigo's painters works on the deck.
Here's the finished deck, looking shiny and new. The furniture goes back on Wednesday.

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