Wednesday, October 26, 2016

One More Time with the Writers Conference

This was a panel discussion on publishing from last year. Liz Long is at the right, me standing left.
This is my 10th and final year as director of the Roanoke Regional Writers Conference, though I will remain directly and intimately involved. I'm turning over the crudgel and bullwhip to my friend and colleague Liz Long. She's co-director this year, a break-in period for her, learning--as much as anything else--the value of Chris Powell, who has worked with me for 9 of my 10 years.

Liz has helped recruit the teachers and put together all the elements for the website (which Linda Martin designed) and it is now operative, here: You can learn who's teaching, who's speaking, who's singing and the like and you can register (it's $65 for sessions Friday and Saturday, lunch and all the coffee you can drink).

The conference has helped create a cohesive and functioning network of writers in our region and gives professional writers--and those who aspire to become pros--the chance to talk to each other and exchange ideas.

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