Saturday, October 8, 2016

Griffith, Goodlatte Share Trump Values

Bob Goodlatte: Too long in the House.
Let's make this as clear as we can:

Until they rescind their endorsements of Donald Trump and all that he stands for, Congressmen Bob Goodlatte (6th District) and Morgan Griffith (9th District), both of whom live in the Roanoke Valley*, are subscribing to Trump's values.

Trump has offended a huge portion of the American public consistently since he announced his candidacy with his racist, misogynistic, xenophobic, irresponsible, arrogant, ignorant, boastful, insufferable personae. By linking themselves to his campaign and his values, Goodlatte and Griffith have given tacit approval to who he is, how he behaves and how he could run the country.

Sneering Morgan Griffith: Trump Supporter.
Trump's latest outrage--a filthy, vulgar tirade against women
that he did not know was being recorded--should have sent everybody who has any remaining ethical values scurrying as quickly away from this deviant as possible.

Trump has said he would send 11 million people back to their country of origin, would seriously consider use of atomic weapons as other than a last resort, would consider jailing political opposition and would get even with any press outlet that disagrees with him. He is a supporter of Vladimir Putin and has spoken admiringly of Hitler.

All of this must be ascribed to those who support him, who appear with him, who do not denounce him. Two of the guilty party are Goodlatte and Griffith, Republicans who represent those of us in the Roanoke Valley with their offices, but not with their values. They are decidedly anti-American and both must be stripped of their offices.

(*Griffith lives in Salem, which is outside the 9th District. House members are not required to live in the districts they represent.)


  1. Dan: Griffith didn't live in the 9th when he was first elected, but I believe the redistricting that followed brought his home into the district.

    1. Thank you, Joe. I stand corrected. However, I'm not sure it's better to have gerrymandered himself into his district than to simply live outside it.

  2. Griffith has done little to nothing to benefit the 9the District during his tenure in the House of Representatives. His consent in supporting Trump is evidence that he has no effect of the values that many of the citizens of the 9th District hold dear. It is imperative that Griffith is ousted this election cycle. Derek Kitts is a worthy opponent. Let us elect him in November!

    1. "Little to nothing" is being generous in regard to Griffith. He is a negative. Doing nothing would be a wash. He has hurt the district considerably.

  3. Goodlatte needs to GO. Vote Kai Degner for congress.