Monday, October 10, 2016

A Spiritual Journey on a Sunday Afternoon

Susan shoots the falls at Camp Alta Mons.
Maybe I can do this, but I won't.
A day or so after Hurricane Matthew finished playing with the East Coast (and us), my friend Susan and I decided that staying inside was not an option any more. We took a hike to Stiles Falls on the grounds of Camp Alta Mons in Montgomery and it turned out to be the correct decision.

This was a simply pristine early-fall day with a chill in the air, a cold rushing mountain stream, leaves struggling to turn colors for us and the kind of spiritual solitude that I consider the Church of the Holy Mental Health. It is where I go to worship, to find peace, to ease stress, to rediscover the real meaning of it all. Susan says she emphatically agrees (which is why we make good company for each other).

Herewith are some shots I took, mostly of Susan (she has a bunch of me and some lovely landscapes, as well), some of them with her in yoga poses. She teaches yoga (in addition to being my exercise coach and my favorite coach of all those I've worked for, regardless of the sport or the purpose).

The black jacket she is wearing here is weighted. She can never get enough exercise, it seems.
I like this shot. It makes the point about spirituality well, I think.
Susan and me in wonderland.
Yoga post? Prayer pose? Not much difference.
Looking for the right angle for a falls shot.
Rocks and woods and hills and water and ...
Sometimes it feels like we can just fly.
Stiles Falls: 40 feet of beauty and power.
Susan says this is her favorite hike. I favor it, too.
Praise be.

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