Thursday, October 27, 2016

A Sentence for the Ages (Anybody Got a Period?)

A guy named Christopher Hall, Sr., responded to something I said on Facebook a bit ago about Donald Trump's ties with shady Russian characters with the longest un-punctuated sentence I've seen in ... well, I don't know when. Maybe never. Here it is, just as he wrote it:

"No but I do see the ties with Russia and the real problem is that he's not worried about hurting anyone's feelings to accomplish what ever needs to be done to make sure we know our country comes first and foremost and respect is earned by just saying it like it is and for most people the issue isn't our country it's their damn feelings being hurt and that's the people who need to go get a lollipop and sit in the corner and let the adults handle the very very serious issues we have in our country and slap any bad persons away from my backyard" (the quotations are mine. There was no . to end the quote).

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