Saturday, October 29, 2016

A New Friend Among the T-Shirts

This is not Amber; but she had her baby like this.
A couple of hours ago, I was at one of my favorite T-shirt outlets, rummaging through the shirts that had been significantly reduced in price (to $1) and struck up a conversation with a young woman--I guessed her to be 18--who was sorting quickly and finding little.

I found a T-shirt I thought she'd like and tossed it across the bin and we began talking. Seems she's 28, not 18, and the little blond-haired boy who was sailing around her was hers. The tall, bearded young man wandering aimlessly around the store was her husband.

She is a young woman who's had a difficult life so far (mostly her choices), but she's cheerful, optimistic and tells a good story.

I asked her about her son. "He was born outside at my trailer in Hardy," she said, smiling, maybe a little proud. "I had him by myself; just squatted down and let nature take over. Didn't hurt much and after he was born my man called an ambulance and we went to the hospital for a little while. He's healthy now except for a little respiratory problem."

Seems she's the daughter of a Florida engineer who took off a few years ago and has been roaming the South with her partner. "We like to hike," she said. "Like it a lot. And I love art and design and photography. When I got my phone, I started taking pictures and I love it."

I asked if she'd ever shot a real camera and she said, "No, but I'd like to learn. I was told that you see things differently when you look through a real viewfinder." She's right. I cleared it with her husband and asked if she'd like for me to teach her. "If you like it," I said, "I'll find you a camera from my pile. I have a lot of them and love finding people who want to learn." She said "yes" excitedly and my guess is that Amber and I will be friends soon.

She seems like a good kid.


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