Thursday, September 8, 2016

Tip to Techies: Please Speak Clearly

Tech support: Does it look like this?
I make a concerted effort not to gripe about service technicians' accents--so many are English-as-a-17th-language Indian students in Deli--but it can be difficult to understand their instructions and explanations. 

That situation compounds one that is already frustrating. Even more frustrating, however, is to get a distinctly American techie who mumbles, slurs, whispers or in some other ways talks indistinctly. 

Just got off the phone with one of those, who is employed by Cox Communications in Roanoke. When these potential employees are hired--for admittedly low-level, probably low-wage jobs--aren't they screened for clarity? If not, they should be in the same way that prospective police officers should be examined by a psychologist. It is central to the performance of their jobs.


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