Saturday, September 10, 2016

This Day Just Has To Get Better (for One of Us)

The tubers were having a soft float at McCoy Falls.
Sometimes the morning gratitude list comes easily, other times it is more of a challenge. Today was the latter. Let me count the ways:
  • My modem went out.
  • That was followed by my router failing.
  • The Cox Cable guy reconnected me and sent me to the "Solution Store" for a new modem ($114), which the salesman said would last "about two years." The old modem was dramatically outdated, he said.
  • The cable guy told me I was receiving 3 megabits per second in data and I was paying for 100 mps. I got the "Premier Service" about two years after I bought the outdated modem, which would never handle 100mps, I was told. The salesman didn't tell me that at the time. Premier costs a lot more than what would have been compatible. Later in the day, after I got the modem connected, another technician told me I was getting 30 mps (and that he would fix it; maybe he did; Seems to still be slow to me).
  • I finally got the router to work.
  • But it wasn't routing to the TV. I couldn't get Netflix and Amazon. The Cox people told me they could do nothing about the router or the TV. I called Vizio, the TV manufacturer, but it was closed for the weekend. It assured me, however, that its technicians were all Americans--to whom I would have to wait until Monday to speak.
  • Then the dish on the TV went out. I threw up my hands and went to bed (it was 10:30 p.m. and I'd been pounding at this since 11 A.M.).
  • This morning I got up at 7 a.m., put on the coffee, went to the bathroom and unplugged the TV. When I plugged it back in, the dish was back. No explanation on why the dish only had a cancer telethon last night and no other programming. Still couldn't get Amazon or Netflix. Couldn't figure out where to put the passwords to get them to work.
  • Margie and I left for a daytrip to the New River Valley about 10. I had driven to Christiansburg Friday evening so she could leave her car at Walmart to have the oil changed. They said it would take three hours, but would not keep the car keys overnight and do it this morning, so we had to go back to the store, hand them the keys and leave for our road trip. I suggest that be the last time she took her car to Walmart. She agreed.
  • She discovered while in Walmart that her iPad was missing and she couldn't find her iPhone, either. We left, hoping for a nice photo trip by the New River.
  • My Facebook friend Jennifer suggested a  trip that would include stops at a Virginia Tech experimental farm, a boat launch, McCoy Falls, a high overlook of the New River and dinner at a sweet restaurant in the middle of nowhere. We were 0-for-all of it. The farm was closed, boat launch full, McCoy falls on private access land, the overlook overgrown and we couldn't find the restaurant. We ate lunch at Burger King in Narrows. I saw a lot of Trump yard signs in the NRV and was embarrassed for a place I like a lot. I saw double signs for Trump-Morgan Griffith (Congress) twice. They are joined at the hip (or the anus), like Trump and Bob Goodlatte, my congressman. Great road trip.
  • Margie found her iPhone at my house and traced the iPad signal back to Walmart which said it did not have the pad). She's on her way now to try to pinpoint the pad.*
  • Tech and Tennessee play in a few hours in Bristol. Both of us believe our team (Tech for her, UT for me) will lose tonight because that's just the way the day has gone. Trouble is, only one of us can lose. I'll bet it's me.
(* LATER: Walmart had the iPad in the automotive office, but the employee who found it didn't tell anyone else. Margie tracked it down with her iPhone.)
The falls are splendid ... when you can see them, which is not most of the time.

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