Thursday, September 29, 2016

The Trumping-Limbaughing of a Good Woman

Alicia "Miss Piggy" Machado.
Donald Trump called this woman "Miss Piggy," basically fat-shaming her. Rush Limbaugh called her a "porn star."

As you might expect, both overweight, aging bloviators are lying, distorting, demonizing and trying to shame a woman. This is the former Miss Universe and Miss Argentina. She is not fat and she is not a porn star, though it seems to me that neither would be Trump's or Limbaugh's business even if they were true.

She has posed nude, as do many women who are in the entertainment business (google just about any female star and stick "nude" at the end of her name and see what you get). And, frankly, I don't find the nude human body troubling. 'Course, if Trump or Limbaugh appeared before me nude, I might reconsider.

Snopes, the fact-checking site, says, "Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado made an allegedly risqué appearance on a TV reality show and was pictured topless in Playboy magazine." Limbaugh, who has a disturbing history of trying to paint liberal women as whores, called Miss Machado a "porn star." That's just bullshit.

Snopes explains:

Porn star? No.
"It should come as no surprise that celebrity nude photographs and sex videos drive major traffic on the Internet. But when legitimate photographs or videos are not available, hoaxsters often resort to creating their own. In some cases, this involves PhotoShopping a famous face onto a nude or near-nude body (as was done with Sarah Palin), or changing the title of a sex video if it features a porn actress who bears a resemblance to a celebrity.

"The latter is the case with Alicia Machado. In 2009, a video clip purportedly showing the former Miss Universe winner engaging in anal sex was circulated online, and that is the clip that now most frequently shows up in response to web searches on the phrase "Alicia Machado porn."

However, the woman seen in that video is not Alicia Machado — the clip was taken from the 2004 DVD "Apprentass 4," which features porn actress Angel Dark, and was later re-titled to suggest it showed Alicia Machado."

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