Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Most Beautiful Woman I Ever Saw

Eva and me on our wedding day in 1967 (I think).
I have said, maybe 1,000 times, that my first wife, Eva, was "the prettiest human being god ever put on earth." And I still think that, but I could never prove it. Didn't have a photo. Until today.

This is Eva's (and my) dead-ringer of a daughter.
My old high school buddy Ward (Bebe) Lang left me a package of photos from our youth as he passed through town on his way to inspect Three Mile Island (he's a nuclear power plant inspector) and I was taken aback looking into that beautiful face again.

Eva and I were married for a brief instant in 1967, long enough to conceive my gorgeous daughter, Jennie. The marriage was terrible for a variety of reasons--a lot having to do with me being 20 and she being 19--but we were pretty together, I think.

People asked Eva at the time, "What the hell do you want with him." That's a question that has come up consistently to a variety of women over the years and I never had a good response for it. Best answer I ever heard came from my favorite ex-wife, Christina, who said (affecting a husky voice), "To quote Jessica Rabbit, 'He makes me laugh.'" Jessica, of course, was Roger Rabbit's wife.

Eva, Bebe Lang and me in 1967.

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