Saturday, September 10, 2016

Game Time on for Tech-Tennessee

Hokie stone jersey with my No. 11.
Margie and I are ready for the Battle of Bristol. The meatloaf is on the table--with all kinds of good veggies--the uniforms and hats are on and we're snarling at each other. I picked up Margie a Tech hat with a NYYankees emblem on the front yesterday and one of those god-awful Hokie stone jersies (with my old football number) today.

I have a dog in both halves of the fight (football captain brother and physics grad son, Tennessee; dad Tech, where he played football pretty dang well in the 1930s). Margie's daughter graduated at Tech and is an actor in New York (hence the hat).

Good luck to both teams.


  1. I hope you 2 can find some peace & commonground :)

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