Thursday, September 15, 2016

Daybreak: The Way It Should Be

Susan as the sun came up at Carvin's Cove this morning.

The Cove, bottom to top.
My friend Susan and I broke bad this morning. After meeting for breakfast at 6:30 (she ate the left side of the menu), we scurried over to Carvin's Cove in order to watch the sun come up over Tinker Mountain. And we barely made it.

This is an extraordinarily peaceful, spiritual time of the day where color is bright, even in the black and white of the driftwood.

Susan and I are both photographers, so our cameras are constantly at the ready. Here is a little of what it looked like this morning (from both of us).

Susan's shot of me, the cartoon character. Love this shot.
Susan's leaf shadows on rocks.
Photo Superhero Susan, cartoon character.
My best shot of the day.
Susan shot this of me at sunrise.
Susan paddling with her colorful paddle.
Me on the bottom of the Cove.
Now hold still, Dan!
Susan considering a nap in the gorgeous outdoors.

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