Sunday, September 18, 2016

Camera Experiments on a Late Summer Hike

Susan and I discuss where we're going.
Susan selfie: Madonna With Babysitter
Susan and I hiked the Carvins Cove trail up to the point of its intersection with the Hollins Greenway yesterday afternoon and she took some interesting photos. It was her first hike on this trail.

I didn't take a camera (the biggest upset of Saturday, including Louisville creaming Florida State), so it was up to her to record the excursion. And record she did.

Susan loves to experiment with the little Sony CyberShot she's had for about a year (rather than lug along her Canon DSLC, which is bulky) and she creates a great deal of darkroom effects within the camera, something I simply can't do.

Here are some examples of her work on this late summer hike, which I find fascinating.

Vines and colored leaves on the forest floor.
The Path of Righteousness.
Bridge on the Path of Righteousness.
Susan celebrates the wonder of it all (I took this one, as you might have guessed).
Celebrating or holding up trees? Your guess is as good as mine.
... and branches
Watercolor rocks...
Watercolor of moi (and my love handles) looking for a way home.

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