Wednesday, August 3, 2016

What's Wrong With Donald Trump?

"I see a lot of theories going around about Donald Trump's true motives behind his often bizarre actions. I think by far the simplest explanation, and therefore the likeliest to be true is that he has a major personality disorder that has been enabled and fed by the insulation afforded by his wealth and power, and is now being greatly exacerbated during the stress of the presidential campaign. 

"I think it likely that it will continue to get worse, and that he will quite possibly have a total meltdown and we will witness the public unraveling of the patriarchal hierarchical mindset of power over people that he personifies."

--Will Bason, posted on Facebook

My Facebook pal Phil Chitwood, a conservative who does not favor Trump, posted this and I'm borrowing it because it makes so much sense.

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