Friday, August 12, 2016

Trump's Outrages: A Brief (Or Not) List

A writer named David Peck has carefully put together a list of Donald Trump's transgressions this election season, and it is quite spectacular in this form. (My friend Janis Jaquith posted something similar to this on Facebook and I borrowed it. Thanks, Janis.) Here it is:
  • Condoned violence against protesters at his political rallies.
  • Denigrated an entire ethnicity by referring to them as "rapists."
  • Began advocating clearly un-constitutional policies, revealing he has no idea what the Constitution actually says, or even how many articles it has.
  • Condemned an entire religion as terrorists.
  • Made misogynist comments against a woman moderator.
  • Refused to disclose his sources of income to the American people.
  • Bragged about the size of his genitals on national TV.
  • Openly mocked a disabled man.
  • Attacked the grieving widow of an Army war victim.
  • Longed for the "good old days" when political protesters could be beaten.
  • Openly expressed his admiration for Vladimir Putin and Saddam Hussein.
  • Wondered why we can't use our nuclear arsenals.
  • Vowed to abandon our allies in NATO.
  • Advocated increased nuclear proliferation.
  • Openly called for Russia to conduct electronic espionage against his political opponent.
  • Excused the brutal assault on a Latino man by his supporters as just them being "passionate."
  • Promised to wall off the USA from our neighbors.
  • Accepted a Purple Heart from a veteran who had earned it with a disrespectful joke.
  • Proposed a tax plan that would save him and his family billions of dollars and raise the deficit by trillions.
  • Said he does not know what the President actually does.
  • Threatened violence against his political rival.
  • Re-tweeted images from known Neo-Nazi, white supremacist organizations.
  • Tweeted a quote from Benito Mussolini.
  • Didn't flinch when the KKK endorsed him, or when Putin did, or when David Duke did, or when Kim Jong Un did.
  • Implied that he found his own daughter sexually attractive.
  • Listed his history of infidelity.
  • Systematically insulted, bullied, and threatened his fellow Republicans when they did not fall in line behind him.
  • Boasted he could murder someone in the middle of the street and not lose any votes.
  • Insinuated his opponent should be assassinated so she could not make choices for the next judges on the Supreme Court.
  • Claimed that the President was the founder of ISIS and that Obama and Clinton were MVPs of it.
He has not yet insulted NASCAR, as one wag stated, making him safe for the moment.


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