Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Run, GOP, Run (Away from Trump)

Goodlatte: Campaigning, but not for Trump.
Republican candidates in 2016 should "take a decisive stand on whether they back Trump — something many of them have struggled to do. 'Make the decision based solely on what your district expects — not what party leaders, consultants or anyone else expects. Whatever position you take, it has got to be authentic. If there is any time to be absolutely clear, this is it. And if you supported him at one time and no longer can, don’t be scared to say it.”

--Liesl Hickey, former member of the National Republican Congressional Committee (here)

Now, the key question: When Trump appeared in Roanoke recently, where were Congressmen Bob Goodlatte and Morgan Griffith, both of whom have endorsed him and refused--even in the light of the Gold Star mother criticism--to speak out against him? 

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