Friday, August 12, 2016

OK, City, Here's the Tree; Come Get It

This was about half of a Bradford pear tree a week ago.
My testosterone levels rise every time I turn the saw on.
Finally. The Bradford pear tree that was split in half by a storm in my back yard last week is now in the front yard in little pieces, awaiting the City's next move (which I hope is to pick it up, but one never knows).

I cut it up and paid my son's nephew Jacob Dickerson (a teenager looking for some summer money) to take it to the front (in 90-plus degree heat, which I wasn't about to touch).

Jacob dug a few holes in the back yard with my truck (it got stuck on the wet grass), but otherwise, the effort was clean and smooth. And I didn't have to do it, which was worth the $50 Jacob got.

I was about half through by this point.
The initial damage.

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