Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Hillary's Affair With Ru Paul (Just Kidding)

Poor Donald Trump can't even get it right when he's basically right.

Yesterday, in an effort to lay blame on Mexico for his treatment in the New York Times, he said, in effect, that Mexico owns the NYT.  Fact is that a billionaire Mexican national owns a significant portion of stock in The Times. However, he has no vote on the governing board and makes absolutely no decisions, editorial or otherwise, for the paper. (Story here.)

Trump is once again looking for issues to incite because today is Wednesday and Tuesday is over. He needs a ridiculous issue a day to keep pace with himself. I'm taking bets on what tomorrow's issue will be.

How 'bout something like, "Hillary Clinton cheated on her bar exam" or maybe, "Hillary Clinton had an affair with Ru Paul"?

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