Monday, August 22, 2016

Happy Birthday to a Good Son

Evan with Maddie and a delighted Oz. And my cake.
This is the chocolate mocha cake from Muddy's Bake Shop in East Memphis. My son's family moved there this month and is adjusting quickly and well.

Today is Evan's 42nd birthday, coming on the heels of my 70th and just ahead of grandboy Oz's 5th. I looked online and found what is considered to be Memphis' best bakery and ordered up this lovely cake for the occasion and my daughter-in-law confirmed my guess about the bakery: it is a doozy. She promises much future business there (or in the downtown store).

As I mentioned to Evan, I am proud of him for many things, but mostly for being an exemplary father and husband. People talk about military heroes, emergency heroes, cowboy heroes, Olympic heroes, but for my money, Evan is the equal of any of them simply by being who he is, working hard, being a good citizen and a solid family man. That's heroic in my overall play and it deserves a huge, glossy, silver trophy.

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