Sunday, August 7, 2016

Hanging With My Best Grandgirl

Madeline: Growing up entirely too quickly.
Madeline and I hung out yesterday, no agenda, not a bit of "What do you want to do? No, what do you want to do?" Just us, chatting, taking photos, enjoying lunch, looking at Roanoke.

It's the dimples.
Maddie and her family will be living just outside Memphis in about a week (my son, Evan, is there now, securing housing, cars, electricity, gas, water and all the other stuff required in a move). They have just spent the best part of two years in Spain and Madeline has been here for most of the summer, so we have had a good bit of quality time together. Yesterday was a small piece of that.

That together time will be less available in the near future, so it's nice to make the most of what we have--me watching this wondrous child become a wondrous young woman. And watching her brother--more from a distance--as well. Oz and I seem to be finding our mojo. We haven't known quite what to think of each other before now and a lot of that has to do with me liking quiet. Oz is not quiet. But he is a good boy who is growing up and learning important lessons.

Here is a sampling of Maddie and me on the town yesterday.

My best girl and me on the roof of Center in the Square.
Eating Indian at Nawab (Maddie ate rice and lettuce; go figure).
Pampa and his peachy Pampette.

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  1. Great seeing you two. Especially together! Pampa has talked about his favorite girl - you, long as I can remember so I'm sure this goes down as one of his best days ever:). Best of luck, Pampette.