Saturday, August 13, 2016

Goodbye, Some Shopping and a Restaurant Find

Pampa and the Pampettes at the airport.
Margie gets a buss from her favorite little guy.
Margie and I saw the grandkids off at the airport, on their way to their new home in Memphis, this morning before heading off to Buchanan for a day of antiquing, hanging out, eating a marvelous lunch and finding a bargain that I nearly fainted over.

Maddie and Oz, who have been in Roanoke for some weeks now between homes in Spain and Memphis were ready to go, I think. Maddie was especially eager to get to her new home and her new school. She'll be back in public school for the first time in two years and Oz will be starting school for the first time. They're both late, but it couldn't be helped. Moving jobs/families from one country to another--in their dad's case--is not a snap.

Buchanan was hot.
We went straight to white-hot Buchanan after the goodbyes and I found--at an antique shop--a brand new tuxedo shirt, which I need, for $6. I have three tuxes and one old shirt that's about had it. Buchanan is one of the nation's small town capitals of antiques, so imagine my surprise at finding something new, cheap and desirable beside the 100-year-old frocks, iron skillets and cameos.

Margie on the footbridge in Buchanan.
That was a find, but lunch at Brink of the James, a small restaurant in an old B&B hard beside the river, may have been the find of the day. For me, it was the best dining experience I've had in some time and, frankly, that's hard to do with a barbecue sandwich and fries. But it was so much more: lovely setting, good barbecue served on brioche, killer fries, homemade slaw, a lovely house salad, pears and carrots and service that was spot-on. Lunch for both of us was less than $20 and as our waiter said, "Nobody leaves here hungry."

My yummy lunch.
We ventured out to the footbridge over the James for a bit, watching the kayakers, canoeists and tubers float by (and me wishing I was one of them). Buchanan is quite the hot spot for put-in/take-out floats on the popular river--for
good reason. It is easy exit/entry and if you're heading to Arcadia, you hit your first fast water within 100 yards of putting in.

Coming home, we stopped at the Goodwill (GWLtd.) in Daleville and I wound up with a ceramic-coated square iron skillet that will be under my son's Christmas tree. It's new, gorgeous, made by Houck and a complete steal at $6.

A lovely day in all, said Margie, who is always right.

Brink of the James: I love this restaurant. Purgatory Mountain in the background.
Boaters floating on a slow stretch of the James. Rapids ahead.

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