Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Elvis Died Today, 39 Years Ago

Elvis and Nixon: Bizzarro.
Elvis Presley died today in 1977, sitting on a commode at his Graceland Mansion  (3754 Elivs Presley Blvd.) in Memphis at 42. That was 39 years ago, so he has been gone nearly as long as he was here. He'd be 81 if he were still alive.

At death, he weighed nearly 350 pounds.

The cause of death was declared at the time to be a heart attack, probably brought on by an excess of drugs in his system. In the succeeding years, however, that has been revised.

Writing in Huffington Post, Garry Rogers, gives this assessment: "He suffered from an enlarged heart which was twice the size of normal and showed evidence of advanced cardiovascular disease in his coronary vessels, aorta, and cerebral arteries — certainly more advanced than a normal 42-year-old would be. His lungs showed signs of emphysema, although he’d never smoked, and his bowel was found to be twice the length of normal with an impacted stool estimated to be four months old." Long, involved story here.

One of the great celebrity photos of our age is the one here of Elvis visiting President Richard Nixon in the Oval Office, volunteering to be a drug marshal for the country. The meeting, Dec. 21, 1970, was the subject of a well-received (by critics, anyway) recent movie, "Elvis & Nixon," starring Michael Shannon as Elvis and Kevin Spacey as Nixon.

Here's hoping Elvis has lost weight in heaven.

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