Friday, August 12, 2016

President Hillary Clinton's First Two Acts Should Be ...

First President Clinton has to appoint a Supreme Court justice and the one Obama picked would do fine. He's been vetted and would get a positive vote from Republicans who fear she might appoint Obama, Noam Chomsky or her husband. Maybe even Bernie Sanders. This would show good intention.

Second, she needs to concentrate on getting legislation, called the "Fairness Doctrine," put back in the books. The doctrine, in use for most of broadcasting's history, required broadcasters to air opposing views in political situations. Reagan's courts erased the doctrine in the early 1980s and that gave rise to Fox News and talk radio, which has essentially destroyed democracy. A simple return there would get rid of the constant drum of right-wing propaganda, of the tactic of telling a lie often enough that it becomes believed, of giving birth to candidates like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz.

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