Monday, August 15, 2016

Biblical Storm and a Crashing Tree

The rain streamed down and felt like I was standing under a waterfall. The tree in the middle was clobbered.
This pin oak snapped three times.
I'm feeling pretty lucky right now. About 30 minutes ago, I was finishing a hike and heard thunder in the distance. I know these mountains and distant thunder is often a hell of a lot closer than it sounds. So I hauled butt back to the car and beat the storm by about four minutes.

A rain of almost biblical proportion followed me all the way home and intensified once I was inside. Then I heard the first of a series of CRACK!s; and knew it was the pin oak tree two doors down. That baby had already shed trunks twice this summer and was about to get smacked three more times, one of them major growth in the center.

By the time the storm subsided, the oak was a shadow of itself and my recently broken up Bradford pear had survived intact--at least, as intact as it is.

But that was a doozy of a storm and, for the first time, the pin oak did not crash into my next-door neighbor's yard, taking his fence with it. It fell in the yard two doors down and stayed there, as it is supposed to.

The hike--which I've almost forgotten now--was blistering hot, soaking with humidity and a lot more of a workout than I ventured to even hope. I was sweating like a one-legged Texan in a butt-kicking contest by the time I got back to the car, so it really would not have mattered much had I been caught in the rain, except for the intensity of it.

Here's some of what the hike looked like.
Love the light on this one, making it look like a lamp.

I'm hearing thunder at this point. Time to go.

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