Friday, August 12, 2016

A Hot Day on the Colorful Cove

A pause mid-paddle.
It was really, truly, actually too damn hot today to be outside, even in the water, but my pal Cathy
Dick and I sucked it up and paddled Carvins Cove. We are both glad we did. It was simply gorgeous out there, especially when the sun was behind a cloud and the breeze was steady.

The pre-fall color was rich and lovely. Here is some of what it looked like.

The color was rich today ... and not just my pants and kayak.

The cove from short. A smidge of pre-fall color.
Cathy paddles into the submerged trees.
The cove doesn't get much prettier than this, regardless of the time of year.
That's the bottom of the lake in the foreground.
I don't imagine this needs much of a comment.

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