Friday, July 22, 2016

Vegas: Kaine's VP Chances Nearly 90 Percent

Tim Kaine's a former missionary.
Virginia Senator Tim Kaine's chances of becoming Hillary Clinton's running mate took a huge leap in the last day. They are up 22.4 percent to 89.9. That according to a Las Vegas betting site (here), which I trust a hell of a lot more than political pundits. These guys are betting their livelihood on the outcome and don't do it emotionally.

That puts Kaine substantially ahead of the field: Tom Vilsack, 5.6 percent; Cory Booker, 4 percent; Elizabeth Warren, 2.4 percent; Tom Perez, 2.2 percent; Sherrod Brown, 1.8 percent; Bernie Sanders, 0.7 percent; and Al Franken, 0.1 percent.

Meanwhile, Clinton took a slight dip in her favorite's role with the ending of the Republican National Convention. Her lead declined 2 percent to 69.6 likelihood, while Donald Trump is thought to have a 28.4 percent chance, up 1.4 percent in a day. Sanders, at 0.8 percent has a better betting chance at become president than becoming a VP candidate.


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