Friday, July 1, 2016

Post-Dinner, An Ice Cream Break

Alexis presents our shared banana split.
Maddie gets her goodie.
We were doing great until Madeline finished the last of her salad--which was supper. She looked at me with a "what's next?" glaze and I blurted out--without thinking--"ice cream. Your pick."

I suggested Mickey D's because its ice cream is yogurt, but she said she'd had enough of the D and would like something a little fancier. "Brewster's," I suggested. Her smile gave me the answer.

A young teenager named Alexis took our order at a window where a lot of people were waiting and since I hadn't had a banana split since god was a boy, I asked Margie if she'd share one. She smiled. Madeline wanted something called "pop rocks," which fizzles in your mouth and has blue specks in it. A little more than I could wrap my head around.
Maddie eats her fizzle ice cream.

Here's what you're missing Maddie (but who put the pretzel in there?).
The dang spoon's too small for my mouth (so Margie shoots for the nose)

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