Sunday, July 3, 2016

Plan C: A Day at the Indoor Pool

My son, Oz and Maddie in the Green Ridge pool.
Oz and Maddie splash.
As my old buddy Bobby Burns once posited, "The best laid plans of mice and men oft get nailed by the damn rain" (or something close), and such was the case this morning. Here we sat at a 8 a.m.--my son's family, Margie and me--boats loaded, bathing suits, chairs, towels and 200 pounds of lunch packed, kids squirmy and the rain not nearing even slowing down.

Oz at the pee-pee potty.
Plan B. I suggested that instead of a day at Douthat State Park--where we would have kayaked, swam, lain on the beach and hiked--that we do a little hike and picnic at Roaring Run, which is closer and offered a chance to recreate between the rain drops. No dice.

Plan C. Green Ridge Rec Center pool. It's inside and the kids, who have had their own pool for the past two years, but none for the last week, could at least swim. And maybe ride the high slide. Lunch at the house after the swim. OK, that flew. Oz, who is 4, even learned to use the boys' pee-pee appliance ("urinal," I told him).

Here's us on Plan C.

Pampa roars down the slide.
Oz, the slide man.
Maddie turns a flip.

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