Friday, July 29, 2016

Oz the Train Man at the Museum

Pampa and Pampette No. 2: Train boys.
Oz strikes a manly pose.
Oz has had this fascination with trains since his first Thomas the Train book half of his life ago (he'll be 5 in September).

So it only fell to the natural end that we should end up at the Virginia Museum of Transportation yesterday during his Roanoke layover between job stops for his dad.

Evan, who works for ABB, has been stationed in Spain for the last two years and now takes the family to the Memphis area (home there, job in Jackson) for a while. While they are moving, the kids are here. This week, grandgirl Madeline was at the Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival camp taking part in a special camp for middle school girls. Oz is on his own, so the museum seemed a fit. It was.

The transportation museum (I was on its board a
Oz, Judy and an opld electric car.
few years ago) is not necessarily intended as an interactive attraction for young kids, but it turned out that way. Oz climbed on everything, tested everything, touched everything, had a theory about everything and was generally in his own brand of heaven.

The famous J-611 engine was on an excursion, but that didn't matter at all. He had no idea what a J-611 is anyway. But he did recognize Thomas the Train's dad and brother among the "rolling stock," as the train people call it.

Oz's grandmother, Judy Dickerson, came with us as a defense for me, since I'm not very good with little children (no patience), especially one who makes the Energizer Bunny look lazy. But on this day, with Oz so thoroughly occupied, her grandparent skills were not needed.

Oz found lots of places to climb.
Engineer Oz.
Not all the exhibits involve trains. This is an old buckboard.
Lots of places to explore.
Oscar Smith: Train Man.

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