Friday, July 29, 2016

Out of the Woods and Into the Woods

Madeline (inside left) and her fellow campers as Superheroes.
The girls made this flag.
Today was Madeline's last day at Mountain Shepherd Wilderness Survival School camp for middle school girls and we went straight from the Craig County camp to Mill Mountain Theatre's production of "Into the Woods." My biggest worry? Did Maddie have fresh underwear (she did)?

The camp was all it was promised to be by my friend Dina Bennett, who came up with the idea of bringing in young girls for a dose of the reality of the woods.  The camp was as much about teamwork as it was the skills of the woods, though it was heavy on that, too. I suspect each of the girls learned a good bit more than they expected. As they hugged goodbye, they promised a return visit next summer.

Here's some of what it looked like.

Three counselors and four campers were all smiles on the last day.
My pretty gals ready for the theater.

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