Saturday, July 9, 2016

Our Red-Hot Team Is Ready for FREE Overnight Sensations

My team: Emma Sala, Bonny Branch, Claire Wittman, Ben Williams, Bob Moss, Todd McNerny, me and Anna Holland. (Click photo for unobstructed view.)
We put together our Overnight Sensations teams last night and got our instructions for the six plays that will be presented tonight at Mill Mountain Theatre, all FREE to the public. They begin at 8 p.m.

These are plays that were written by six different writers overnight last night at Hollins University's library and our acting/directing teams will rehearse all day today and perform tonight.

We have a fun team, filled with fine actors and a director who has a New York theater named for him. Ben Williams, a  comedy riot, is our writer. I have known most of our actors--Bonny Branch, Emma Sala and Anna Holland--before now, buty Claire Wittman, a Blanche DuBois look-alike who is an actor, signer, dancer and Hollins playwriting grad student, and Tod McNerny, a veteran actor, are new to me. I've admired director Bob Moss' work for a while.

Ben was given the task of writing a "memory play" set at a dinner table with the additional instruction (something founder Todd Ristau throws in for confusion purposes), "Serious as a mule in a bathtub." What that means, only Todd knows and Ben had to figure out last night.

The other plays involve a romantic tragedy, 1970s sitcom, soap opera, horror and crime drama. Diversity is our middle name.

Come join us tonight. It's always a hoot. And, did I mention it is FREE?


  1. Well it sounds really awesome. Sorry to have missed it!
    Sophie Pie

  2. Well it sounds really awesome. Sorry to have missed it!
    Sophie Pie