Sunday, July 10, 2016

On Stage Again: Quite the Sensation

Bonny, Anna, Todd, Emma, Claire and me on stage.
I like this shot of Bonny.
Once a year, I get to be on the stage instead of in the audience and I always look forward to Overnight Sensations because it gives me a chance to learn a little more about theater.

It's good to get inside the head of actors, directors and writers to see how this art form--which I thoroughly (and am absolutely no good at)--works. It is much more complex than you know, unless you're involved.

This year's Sensations had me in a cast with some dynamite actors (Bonny Branch, Claire Wittman, Emma Sala, Anna Holland and Todd McNerney), a director who has a New York theater named for him, Bob Moss, and one of my favorite writers, Ben Williams.

Ben wrote the play overnight Friday and we rehearsed and performed it Saturday. Twenty-four hours and we had it on stage.

Margie, Maddie and Susan.
The six plays were quite different, with one thing in common: they were all funny. For my money, the first of the bunch, "Three to a Hole and a Piece of Fish," written by the enormously talented Megan Gogerty, who always appears to be bewildered by it all, was the best of the six. It revolved around revenge of the witches.

For the second straight year, my grandgirl, Madeline, was there, too, along with her mom and dad. Margie made it after a grueling day that began at 3:30 (that woman amazes me) and even my favorite ex-wife Christina (and her new guy Andy, who is both nice and handsome) were also there. Cool evening.

(Play photos by my friend Susan K, who also sat with us. Thank you, ma'am. Nice photos.)

Ben Williams and Bob Moss.

Claire and her knife.
Todd Ristau, who runs it all.
I got to spit. Without recrimination.
Todd was often over the top.
We appreciate your appreciation.


  1. Thanks so much for being such a generous and enthusiastic team member, Dan! Love you being there!

  2. Absolutely my pleasure, Todd. I look forward to this each summer.

  3. Dan - you were so much fun to act with - I don't accept your premise that you aren't any good at it. You were awesome... Todd M.

  4. Todd M: You are generous and I appreciate your thoughts. But I'll never be in a league with actors like you--or even actors like Rodney Dangerfield.