Saturday, July 23, 2016

NBA vs. WNBA: Different Political Directions

All-star game leaving Charlotte.
It comes as a surprise to me that the NBA has taken a strong progressive stance against discrimination against the LGBTQ community. Meanwhile, the WNBA, the basketball league for women, has decided that its players' wearing black T-shirts in pregame warmups as a protest against shooting of African-Americans is resulting in fines for teams and players.

The NBA has pulled its next all-star game out of Charlotte to make a statement against the stupid bathroom law the Republican governor signed and the Republican General Assembly passed. The NBA is one of a number of corporations and music groups to exit North Carolina in protest.

WNBA players wearing black in protest.
The WNBA, which pays its players a tiny fraction of what the NBA players earn (and their salaries are simply absurd), is fining individual players--who can't afford to pay the fines--for supporting the protest against police shootings. This is a league that is more than 75 percent chocolate, so let's get real. This is stupid, absurd and will cost fans ... a lot of fans.

 No wonder the league can't generate enough fan support to earn a big TV contract and fill its arenas. Backward, backward, backward.

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