Monday, July 4, 2016

NBA Salaries Have Reached Sickening Range

I try to temper my righteous indignation with reality, but when I stumbled over a report on ESPN radio a little bit ago that a couple of basketball players I've never heard of were negotiating contracts that would pay them between $20 million and $25 million a year, I nearly cried.

Basket-freakin'-ball players. $25 million. Holy Jesus H. God!

That is so far over the line of absurdity that it makes Donald Trump look nearly legit. Nearly.

I won't get into the professions that deserve--but don't get--that kind of money because, honestly, I can't think of any. A salary of $25 million a year is more than 50 times what the president earns. It is 10 times the salary of the CEO of a major hospital corporation.

I know the argument about how entertainment people are paid: They bring in people; they bring in TV coverage, they bring in sponsorships and blah, blah. There is nothing in their contracts about social responsibility and it is only a passing mention that they keep out of the kind of trouble that would embarrass their teams. That does not include wretched excess of 30,000-square-foot homes, 300-square-foot automobiles, million dollar girlfriends and a lifestyle that is, well, excessive.

I know I can complain all day and this won't change, but let's consider one small effect of the 251 salaries in the NBA that range between six people at the bottom at $874,636 and a dude named Carmello Anthony (he plays for an awful New York Knicks Team) at $24.5 million. People who love the game can't afford to go. That's no small factoid. Corporations buy NBA tickets because corporations are alone among most of us in being able to afford them.



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  1. The owners are getting 51% of the basketball related income, which is mostly coming from TV/media rights as opposed to the gate.