Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Grandgirls and Me at Lunch

My favorite grandgirls: Sarabeth (left), adopted; Madeline, natural.
Still chatting.
This won't happen again for a while: I took my grandgirls, Sarabeth and Madeline, to eat lunch at Panerra Bread today and introduced them to each other.

Sarabeth is the 16-year-old I sort of adopted a few months ago and Madeline, of course, is my son's daughter. Together, they form an amazing pair of young ladies I am proud know.

They seemed to like each other, too, despite the sizeable age difference (Maddie is 11), which is amplified at their age. They talked of hair color and pimples, ambitions and clothes, school and boyfriends, mac and cheese and salad and all the normal stuff. I mostly listened and enjoyed. Here's what some of it looked like.

Maddie makes a point and Sarabeth listens intently.
Sarabeth took this of my FBI Witness Protection T-shirt.
Our fine group in a selfie.

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