Friday, July 29, 2016

MMT's Into the Woods Delightful

Mill Mountain Theatre's late summer children's production of "Into the Woods, Jr." is a delightful mix of color, sound and visual artistry that will thrill the child in all of us.

The production features a full stage of delightful actors (22), Ginger Poole's thoughtful direction, marvelous scenic design (movable trees, which become a character) and richly-designed costuming by Jessica Gaffney. In its one-hour of stage time, it pulls kids to the edge of their seats with an old-style (violent) mixture of famous children's literature fused in a brand new story.

The acting is quite good, but standouts include Olivia Goodman as an animated Red Riding Hood, CJ Rodenberg as a prince and the wolf and Savannah Amos as the shrill witch.

This one is worth your time and if you have a child, by all means, take her and have her bring a friend. They will be delighted.

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