Wednesday, July 6, 2016

It's Time for Overnight Sensations Again

That's my acting group (me right center, beside Natalie Faunce) from last year's Overnight Sensations.
Boys and girls, get your spectator shoes on; it's time again for Overnight Sensations. Saturday at Mill Mountain Theatre's main stage, we'll be putting on our wardrobes for production of six plays that won't be written until Friday.

I've done Overnight Sensations about eight times and it's always a hoot. The six plays are 10 minutes long each, so even if one is awful, you're out of it in a hurry. The audiences have generally loved this specific kind of theater--as much improve as anything else, generally done with a bunch of amateurs and some good playwrights and professional directors.

The writers go to the library at Hollins overnight Friday to do the writing and the actors and directors get together at noon Saturday to put together the shows. We hit the stage at 8 p.m. and the whole thing is free. It is often a near-sellout.

This year, my acting group will include Bonny Branch, Todd McNerney, Anna Holland, Emma Sala, and Claire Wittman. I know three of the five and have been in productions with two of them.

This is a fun production. I hope you'll come see us play.

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