Monday, July 25, 2016

Happy B'day: A Drone of My Own

Oz is not nearly as thrilled as I with the drone.
Evan got shirts, lots of shirts,.
Yesterday was the annual Smith Boys Birthday Extravaganza at the Edinburgh casa and I made out like a bandito. My son's family came up with my first drone, one with a camera.

I am thrilled because the possibilities are nearly endless, provided I can learn to fly the dang thing.

My son, Evan, got his usual run of Goodwill dress shirts (all clean, pressed and the ones that weren't new, were nearly so) and a heavy ceramic Dutch oven (think: Le Creuset). Oz got a variety of little stuff, but was simply thrilled with two small train engines and coal cars.

Maddie, who was in Spain for her most recent birthday--which I would not take part in--got a grab bag of goodies, as well. And we at pretty high on the hog, too: pork chops on the grill. Margie brought in the berry-covered cheese cake for us all. Yum.

Oz hands off Evan's dutch oven.
Maddie, Margie and Kara examine Oz's choo-choo.

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