Sunday, July 24, 2016

Blessed Relief at the Wedding

Evan (right) and the groomsmen.
Evan and the bridesmaids.
If my son kills me for posting this, don't prosecute him. He has "just cause." (Why did they fight the Civil War? Just cause.)

I've been trying to find this photo for years and this morning it popped up in a box that I was sending to the recycling bin (never throw out a box without looking inside. There are treasures there.)

I shot it at Evan's wedding in 2000 when he and his groomsmen took a break from the festivities at the reception. I had been planning this photo since Ev told me he and Kara were getting married. It was not exactly a sneak attack (although they didn't know I was shooting until I said, "Hey, guys!")

They thought the picture amusing at the time. They were in their early 20s. They are now in their early 40s. I wonder if they still think that. I do.

Ev also took a page out of his dad's book by posing with the bride's maids. I like that pose, too.

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