Tuesday, July 5, 2016

An Inside Fourth of July

Madeline worked on her nails (hiding from her Dad).
Oz wink.
The challenge this July 4 was not the usual one(s). It didn't involve calling the cops about the stupid jerks who were setting off all manner of IEDs in the neighborhood until midnight, keeping Oz away from the sparklers, finding a place where the dogs feel secure, watching the outdoor grill, avoiding sunburn and drowning ...

Dentist shot.
It was more about finding something to do, since the June/July monsoons don't show any sign of letup. So, we hung in the living room and kitchen of my son's father-in-law's house. Wayne wasn't even there. He had a previous engagement.

Oh, lordy.
But we survived by painting nails, making faces, watching Oz (who is 4) tear around like he was on speed, smelling Evan's great chili and
playing hand games. Not the most adventurous July 4 in memory, but it was a matter of being together, something that has been rare the past couple of years.

Kara--the kids' mom--texts.

Playing inside games.
Maddie's bow.

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