Saturday, July 16, 2016

An Easy Day With My Best Bud

Maddie and I spent much of the day together today--her first day back from camp at Alta Mons--and she let me know immediately that hiking was out of the question. "I did that all week," she said. So we went paddling and hanging out.

There is a video over on Facebook--can't figure out how to place it here--of her with her refining stroke, which is pretty and the rest is us eating lunch, visiting Mill Mountain and generally just being pals. I like that.

A couple of stars at the Star.
Maddie getting ready for her paddle.
Maddie asked if she could swim; I said "no." She waded instead.
Her rock-skipping form is pretty good. And the rocks skip.
My girl in full stroke.
Reading real literature (just like her dad) in the car.
Lunch: "Anything with cheese, lots of cheese. And fries."

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