Friday, July 8, 2016

A Short Political History About Safe Leads

Dukakis: What, me worry?
Those of you suffering under the illusion that Democrats have the White House wrapped up in 2016--before either party's convention--would do well to refer 1988 when, following the Democratic convention, Michael Dukakis led George Bush I by 11 points and had been virtually crowned. 

Bush won going away.

In May of 1993, Democratic Attorney general Mary Sue Terry held a 30-point lead over little-known House member George Allen in the race to be Virginia's governor. By October it was dead
Mary Sue Terry: Her turn? No.
even. By November, Allen won easily (with a whispering campaign about running against a "lesbian"). 

You will also note that Terry was Virginia's first woman governor candidate, following its first black governor, Doug Wilder. 

Those who can't remember history ...

(Photos: Dukakis,; Terry,

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