Monday, July 25, 2016

A Camp for the Tough Guy in the Girl

Madeline greets her friend Dina Bennett, the camp innovator and director.
Maddie finds her bunk (behind her).
I dropped my best girl, Madeline, off at at GEMS (Girls Empowered Mountain Shepherd) a little while ago and I can't wait to see how my good friend Dina Bennett shapes her during the coming week.

This is a survival camp that is meant to strengthen the middle school girls' (four of them) self-esteem, confidence and to give them some valuable life skills.

Dina created this camp and Maddie and I got a taste of it last summer when we went for a one-day version. Maddie loved it (and I did, too)  and we learned more about building a makeshift shelter and building a fire (from almost nothing) than I even imagined and I'm a fair outdoorsman.

A couple of middle school teammates.
Dina and her husband Reggie, an internationally known expert in wildnerness survival, own the camp and do everything from teaching about the wilderness to instructing on survival in an urban area.

Dina is one of my heroes and I think she is becoming one of Maddie's, as well. This will be a great week for Madeline and the four teammates she just met.

This is the lodge at Mountain Shepherd. Madeline and the girls are in the building on the left.

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