Friday, July 1, 2016

A Big Back Yard and a Couple of Kids

Oz finds the grass very much to his liking.
It was one of those lovely early-spring evenings when the deck invited adults
Maddie attacks her dad.
Margie and Oz.
and the large, green back yard accommodated my grandboy and grandgirl. I hadn't had the family over for dinner in more than a year (they've been living in Spain) and this was just about the perfect evening for being a family.

I discovered that Madeline picked up some of her Pampa's quarterback genes, that Oz is a heck of a lot less the wild man than I thought--though hardly a shrinking violet--and that Margie and everybody appreciated each other at first sight.

Here's some of what the back yard festival looked like.

Maddie throws (to Pampa) like a pro.
Multiple activities: Nerf gun, baseball and rolling in the grass.
Teaching Oz the finer points of guns.
Balling with Mom.
Maddie's the queen of the world.
Three generations of Smith.
Oz finds a punching bag.
Can't have favorites? Says who?

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