Friday, June 17, 2016

Working Around the Insurance Company

A couple of weeks ago, while Margie and I were on vacation in Savannah, we were hit by a drunk driver leaving a festival and it knocked the mirror off Margie's car. The drunk went on down the street and plowed into two more cars. He fled the rental car (Hertz) and as far as we know, has not been caught. The boys in the car with him said they didn't know him; just caught a ride. Likely story.

In any case, the mirror on Margie's 2006 Honda Accord is not just a mirror. It is a system. Electric, heated, etc., like so many other parts that are prone to breaking. Hertz is self-insured and has been dragging its feet on paying for the mirror. The Savannah police department has not sent Margie an accident report and said it might take a month. Margie's insurance company has tried to cooperate, but it's been a chore.

So, she is left with a car with no driver's-side mirror and not much prospect of having one in the near future. I estimated it would cost around $600 to replace and a couple of mechanics I know said that was "high, but you will be surprised at how much it can cost."

I took the Honda to Salem Imports, which is owned by my friend Mark Dearing. He takes care of Daisy, my VW bug. Mark called around, found a mirror (aftermarket), told me to bring the car by and had the mirror on in a couple of hours. His bill is about $150.

Sometimes, it's best to just go around the insurance companies. Margie has invested the equivalent of a lot more than $150 at this point arguing with insurance people and getting frustrated. I think Mark gave her a great deal all the way around.

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